CD Duplication

CD Replication and DVD Replication, for customers requiring quantities of 500 units and above. We have a price guarantee for cd replication and dvd replication on orders above 2000 units. Replication involves glass mastering and this is included in our costs.


DVD Duplication

Express CD and DVD Duplication for those requiring DVD's in a hurry or in relatively small quantities -- minimum order of 50 units. Turnaround is typically 24 to 48 hours but we often achieve a same day turnaround when requested to.


Blu-Ray Duplication

Free graphic design is offered to all customers, regardless of quantity ordered, reflecting our continuing commitment to ensuring quality. Where customers produce their own artwork, we check it thoroughly before printing and production commences.


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Express DVD Duplication Scotland, Glasgow

Our express DVD Duplication service is aimed at customers who need DVD disc duplication and dvd printing in a hurry. If you need dvd duplication in a hurry, with dvd packaging such as amaray cases and digipaks, or card wallets, clear pvc wallets, get in touch on 0141 569 1213. We also offer free graphic design for all dvd duplication and replication customers.

Fast CD Duplication Glasgow Scotland UK

CD Duplication fast, need CD Duplication in a hurry? CD Duplication for bands, cd duplication for musicians who need discs for concerts or in a hurry? CD launch date imminent? CD packaging, CD printing for software, cd digipaks, cd cases and cd booklets, all printed and produced under one roof. We can produce card wallets and digipaks for cd duplication, cd audio duplication, cd music duplication, music cd replication glasgow cd duplication fast for bands and gigs.

Bulk CD Replication UK, Discount CD Replication, Bulk CD Duplication, CD Packaging

Glass mastered CD Replication, bulk cd printing, large volume cd replication, UK, cd replication scotland. CD Replication UK. We offer a price match guarantee for CD replication and bulk cd duplication, with free graphic design that ensures the end products will match the highest expectations.

DVD Replication, DVD movie replication UK, DVD Glass mastering, DVD Encryption and bulk DVD Video printing, DVD pressing

We offer a wide range of packaging for DVD replication. DVD replication with glass mastered discs supplied in digipaks, dvd printing with with printed dvd cases, DVD video packaging, DVD in card wallets. Our DVD amaray cases are of the highest quality and are available ina number of colours.

What is the difference between CD Replication and CD Duplication? / What is the difference between DVD Replication and DVD Duplication?

With regards to the difference between CD & DVD replication and duplication, it is important to understand that both approaches come recommended depending on other factors such as the quantity of discs required and the permitted timescale. This means the comparison in a sense is valueless in terms of arriving at a conclusions as to what approach is unequivocally best -- there are distinct circumstances that will dictate which approach under specific conditions is best suited to particular goals. Price is also a key factor and there are circumstances where replication might me less expensive than duplication in one context but more expensive in another. These issues as well as the underlying technical differences are explained below.

CD & DVD Replication

CD & DVD Replication involves the creating of what is called a glass master which is then used to press or stamp data on to essentially plastic discs. Glass master creation and replication are industrial processes involving a complex interplay of chemical and other raw materials on one hand, and state of the art robotics and automation on the other. The process can be reduced to the following stages: 1) glass master creation, 2) Pressing, and 3) Printing.

On the printing side, with replicated discs, various layers are transposed on to the aluminium top surface of the disc, usually (but not always) starting with a white base primer. Different printing methods, familiar in standard printing contexts, are relied upon such as litho or screen printing. Without a white base layer, CD's and DVD's would essentially appear to have a silver base and we are all familiar with discs that are largely or partly silver or mirror-like -- the silver is actually the aluminium which is ciritical to the data pressing process in terms of reflecting laser-generated light back towards sensors in disc playing and reading devices (it is not per se an ingredient of the print process although it does allow options in the context of printing).

Benefits of CD & DVD Replication as Compared to Duplication

Whilst the industrial and automated nature of Cd and DVD replication brings huge benefits in terms of cost efficiency, consistency, costs, and arguably timescales, these benefits are only available where the volume of discs required is comparatively high. That is to say, CD and DVD Replication is better suited to projects where there is a requirement for a greater number of discs, from say 500 and upwards. This is down to the relatively high set-up costs associated with glass master creationg, as well the additional film and screen costs associated with commercial print methods.

CD & DVD Duplication

CD & DVD Duplication is a method more suited to producing discs in smaller quantities and/or where timescales do not allow for replication which typically takes longer.

With disc duplication, date is burned to discs rather than stamped -- thus, obviously, no initial outlay for the creation of a glass master is required. Data burning has no obvious drawbacks in terms of the quality of the final product although there is a perception that burned discs are not as durable as pressed or glass mastered discs. This is most likely a misconception with origins in poor end user experiences of burned discs which were probably of poor quality -- thus, most likely a symptom of using poor quality discs rather than burning being a poor method of delivering the data. There is no reason in scientific terms for burning data to be inferiror in terms of durability to pressed data.

In terms of printing, at Easy mMultimedia we rely on various methods depending on the specific requirements of each and ever job. In a majority of cases we will lean towards digital inkjet printing which despite having a poor reputation is actually one of the best methods to achieve a high resolution, colourful image. Most people are unfamiliar with the fact that many commercial printers rely most of all on inkjet based systems, especially when it comes to printing posters and banners. Where time permits and there is a requirement or case for suggesting a requirement, we will opt for either litho or screen printing. These processes are more costly than digital printing though and typically will add 2 days to turnaround times. With digital inkjet printing there are limitations, though, and we would always try and steer customers clear of potential problems. One area we feel where digital inkjet printing struggles, for example, is in printing dense and particularly dark solid blocks of colour. On the other hand, reat results are found in printing photographs which have an abundance of colours to discs.

Benefits of CD & DVD Duplication as Compared to Replication

The benfits of opting for cd duplication or dvd duplication revolve around overall costs and timescale. With replication there is a minimum order quantity of 500 units, with duplication the minimum we offer is 50 units. Unit costs may well be higher with duplication but since there is no requirement to buy more discs than is actually required the overall costs may often be considerably higher. Another factor with duplication is that there are essentially no set-up costs whatsoever; no glass masters, no films, no screens, etc.

Most customers, even those who do want more than 500 units, are happy to opt for duplication because of the faster turnaround times we offer with our express duplication service. In the majority of cases, our duplication jobs are taken from start to delivery n a matter of 2 days, with many jobs complete and ready to be dispatched the day they ppear on our system. At Easy Multimedia we have an in-house capacity to produce as many as 12 thousand discs, duplicated and printed, per day.


CD Digipaks

CD Digipaks, for CD replication and duplication, with options for booklets etc

CD Replication with Jewel cases

Jewel cases with options on booklets, with clear or coloured trays, cello wrapping.

DVD Duplication with Cases

DVD delivered in standard black amaray cases with full colour printed case covers

Blu-Ray Duplication

Fast Blu-Ray Duplication with high quality printing and a range of packaging options

A3 Poster Printing; Outdoor Use

Full colour laser printed posters, great for advertising gigs etc, with outdoor durability

Roller Banners

Full colour printed roller banners that come with carry cases -- free design.

Printed T-Shirts

Cut-vinyl printed t-shirts and garments including sweatshirts and hoodied tops

A3 Poster Printing

Laser-fused printing, perfect for pasting outdoors to walls and windows

Large Format Posters

A3 to A0 poster printing, on paper or vinyl. All printed in house. Mounting available.

CD's with Card Wallets

Minimum order 100 units, full colour printed wallets and discs, 3 to 4 day turnaround.

EXPRESS DVD Duplication Call: 0141 569 1213